arab luxury world is a two-day conference on the business of luxury in the Middle East. The event brings together:
• Luxury brands
• Distributors
• Agents
• Retailers
• Mall operators
• Service providers
• Media

arab luxury world is a dynamic platform for meaningful discussions, as well as an opportunity to share ideas and network with industry experts. The conference is a must-attend event for key players in the luxury segment in the following categories:
• Fashion and accessories
• Watches and jewelry
• Fragrances and cosmetics
• Art and culture
• Tourism
• Premium cars
• Gastronomy

arab luxury world is a business conference targeting:
• The brands, agents, distributors, mall operators and service providers within the luxury industry
• All professionals who work in the business of luxury in the Gulf and the rest of the Middle East region
• All brands abroad that want to enter, experience and explore the region