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Marie Claire Arabia

If it matters to women, it is in Marie Claire. Marie Claire Arabia is a fashion magazine with character, substance, and depth for women with a...

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The Modern Arab Woman and the Gen Z, Haya caters to a woman who is proud of her heritage and culture but is looking to incorporate...

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BURO 247/me.

Digital Insiders: We’re upbeat, positive, and, best of all, playful. Hey, life and time are a luxury, so let’s spend them well. We create a constant...

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Arab Luxury World

Arab luxury world brings the regional and the international luxury industry together once a year to share, interact and exchange knowledge, data and research, and also...

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Haya the Avatar

Her friends and everyone who knows her calls her “Haya the Avatar.” She is the evolution of Haya, a modern Arab woman who fears no change...

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